Welcome to my world!   In these pages you’ll learn a little bit about what makes me tick.   “Dr. NAN” is what my students call me…it’s short for Nicole A. Narboni. I teach piano at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, perform recitals around the world, record CD’s, and do a bunch of other stuff too, which you can see and read about here…like helping out at the no-kill shelter called The Cat House that a few of us got together and founded a few years ago here in Lincoln. Then there’s biking, hiking, gardening and other outdoorsy stuff, and food, chocolate, and music and other indoorsy stuff…

Click here to read my “official” bio that’s on my new CD,  The Solo Piano Works of Jean Françaix.

Or, for fun, check out this short video I put together called Food, Felines, Fathers, and Jean Françaix. Enjoy – and thanks for visiting!