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Wow! I must have clicked my ruby shoes too many times because suddenly I’m not in Nebraska. Welcome to my homepage, now coming to you from San Antonio, Texas. For 17 years, I called Lincoln, Nebraska home so thinking of south Texas as my new home seems foreign. I must admit that I love the idea of warm weather during January, practicing with the windows open in February and starting my vegetable garden in March.

In the pages that follow, I have collected photos, performances, and other tidbits that are part of me. So, welcome to Dr. NAN’s website. Click here to read my “official” biography – and thanks for visiting!

The moral arc of the universe bends toward justice.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nicole in Performance

Nicole plays the C-sharp Minor Capriccio (opus 76) by Johannes Brahms, recorded live in Kimball Recital Hall, Lincoln, Nebraska.